palletised Equipment

Imported Power Stackers


Walkie Range Class3

Noblelift Lithium Range PT12-20L/PS12-20L

  • Rated Capacity of 1200kg-2000kg. 
  • Equipped with top brand components
  • Optimised productivity and flexibility
  • HPI pump unit for stackers
  1. Opportunity charging and fast charging.
  2. Lithium powered.
  3. Battery operates in temperatures from -20Dec C to +55 deg C.
  4. Optional easy access charging connect for class 2 & 3 products.
  5. Charging can be done without opening the battery compartment as for class1.

Full Power Stacker PSE12-B

  • Rated Capacity of 1200kg. 
  • The operator can clearly see through forks.
  • Wide mast for perfect observation.
  • Tiller made of PA6 30% of glass fibre material, for high strength.
  1. Speed control in turns.
  2. PIN-code or RFID access.
  3. Maintenance-free Lead-acid battery
  4. High manoeuvrability
  5. Integrated onboard 12A charger

Full Power Stacker PS12/16/20-L

  • Rated Capacity of 1200kg up to 2000kg. 
  • Tailored towards pedestrian controlled stacking
  • The gentle proportional lift allows stacking operations safer and faster
  1. State of the art top brand components
  2. Reduced high service costs
  3. PS12-L: 180Ah 2VBS battery (Light duty)
  4. PS16-L: 270Ah 3VBS battery
  5. PS12-L: 350 AH 3PzS battery for long operations and multi-shifts
  • Long tiller design for ergonomics and safety
  • The tiller operations height is naturally positioned
  • The 4 wheel design with a long tiller gives an exact and perfect view of the forks

Full Power Stacker PS xxTSL Series

  • Rated Capacity of 1200kg /1600kg /1800kg. 
  • Tailored towards pedestrian controlled stacking
  • The gentle proportional lift allows stacking operations safer and faster
  1. Top quality components from quality brands 
  2. Maintenance-free German AC power train
  3. 3 wheel structure for stability
  4. PS12TSL: 180Ah 24-volt battery
  5. PS16/18TSL: 270Ah battery standard

USB Charger: charge devices 

  • Adjustable straddle leg design
  • Mesh protection as well as great visibility 

Full Power Stacker PSE15L-C

  • Rated Capacity from 1000kg to 1500kg
  • Lifting height from 1600 to 3600mm.
  • Long-tiller design for comfortable operation
  1. High efficiency and energy saving (Long Service)
  2. High power pump, high lifting efficiency
  3. Compact & light design
  4. High stability
  5. Strong channel mast

Long tiller – ensures operator high efficiency & safety.

Maintenance-free lead-acid battery.

Stability castors

Backrest – (Optional)

Multi-function meter.

Displays the vehicle working status. (built-in 15A charger)

Analog quality control technology.

The advantage of intuitiveness, easy investigation & troubleshooting.

Strong channel steel for better stability and longer life.

Debugging interface.

Lead out the car body through the debugging interface without removing the cover