N.B. When ordering parts quote frame size or frame number. 

Part No. Description                  Part No Description                           
1 Complete welded frame 28 Pump piston sleeve
2 Securing bolt for hyd. assy. 29 Pump spacer
3 Nylon entry roller 30 Pump spring
4 Bolt entry roller 31 Pump piston retainer
5 Trunnion 32 Pump spring circlip
6 Trunnion shaft 33 Seal kit (all seals. o rings and washers).
7 Push rod 34 Valve pin, body spring and ball
8 Excentor & bolt assy. 35 Taper valve assy. with spring
9 Shaft - push rod to fork 36 Foot padal assy
10 Shaft - fork to frame 37 Trunnion Bush
11 Lock pin 38 Lock nut
12 Load roller fork 39 Swivel body thrust bearing
13 Load roller axle 40 Swivel body
14 Load roller nylon 41 Circlip
or Load roller Polyurathane 42 Bolts - swivel body to trunnion arm
15 Load roller bearing 43 Steering axle with circlips
16 Tanden bogie assy. nylon - poly 44 Circlip - securing wheels
17 Complete hyd. 45 Steering wheels- nylon or polyurethane
18 Handle assy. 46 Steering wheel bearings
19 Handle securing bolt OPTIONS
20 Filler plug 47  Rubber covered handle
21 Hydraulic housing HAND CONTROL
22 Top nut 48 Crankarm
23 Lift piston 49 Release handle
24 Lift piston ball 50 Cable
25 Piston seal support bush 51 Spring
26 Piston seal support circlip 52 Seal Kit heavy duty model
27 Pump piston 53 Heavy duty swivel body

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Operation and Maintenance

    • The foot pedal has a neutral position between raise and lower positions. This should always be used when moving the pallet truck, as In this position no load is put on the lifting mechanism.
    • Sealed wheel bearings are used throughout but light oiling of linkage pins and other parts will reduce wear.
    • Hydraulic oil should only be added to the reservoir with the hydraulic in the lower position. Fill only to filler plug level with hydraulic oil.

Trouble Shooting


  1. Check oil level
  2. Valve (35) leaking or dirty.
    Before removal try pumping unit in neutral position to flush dirt out of valve seats. Raise and lower several times and    replace filler plug.
  3. Tension on valve (34) too tight. Slacken Lock nut (38) locating pedal, off several turns.

Frame Parts

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Hydraulic Unit

Hydraulic Unit Spare Parts


Specifications subject to change without notice.