Pallet Transporter & Ergonomic Work Positioner Station

  • A combination pallet truck and lift table

  • Increase productivity up to 40 - 50 % by picking up pallet loads, transporting them to the work station and lift them up to a convenient working height.

  • It feeds presses, binders, cutters, conveyors, assembly lines etc.

  • Prevents back injuries by eliminating all day bending and lifting on a repetitive basis.

  • Available with electric or manual lift

Manual Hi Lift Pallet Truck Technical Data

Maximum capacity 1,000 kg
Maximum height 800 mm
Lowered height 90 mm
Fork length 1 150 mm
Fork widths outside 680 mm, 520 mm
Width of single fork 150 mm
Total length 1 490 mm
Total height 1 210 mm
Steer wheel dimension   150x40 mm
Load wheel dimension 80x50 mm
Available with polyurethane or nylon wheels




Electric Model
Technical Data

Pump Motor 12 V
Battery (heavy duty, maintenance free) 12 V / 90 Ah
Charger 12 V / 10 Amp
Lift speed with max load to 800 mm   approx. 6 seconds
Max lifts with max load on one charge approx. 50
Weight 145 kg


Battery Operated Hi Lift

Manual Model Technical Data

  • Two lifting speeds:
    • Quick lift - 18 strokes to reach  800 mm, max  300 kg
    • Easy lift - 55 strokes to reach  800 mm, max  1 000 kg



Specifications subject to change without notice.